“A beautiful exploration of loss, memory, and history” (San Francisco Chronicle), “this is minimalist maximalism. It’s as if Egan compressed a big 19th-century novel onto a flash drive” (The New York Times). 

The stunning sequel to Alice Broadway’s international bestseller Ink

“With echoes of fairy tales and Greek and Egyptian mythologies, this debut reads like a natural successor to Lois Lowry’s The Giver (1993).” — Booklist

`The Artist and the Assassin reads like a thriller, one that thrills as much through its insights on Caravaggio’s painting as through the drama of his life. Mark Frutkin has given us a compelling portrait of Caravaggio and his world, one that beautifully captures the mix of darkness and light that so defined both his life and his work. ‘

— Nino Ricci, author of Lives of the Saints, The Origin of Species and Sleep

East of Hounslow, in which a young Muslim finds himself forced to become an MI5 plant in a group of jihadists, is a superb and exciting debut novel.

“This is the anti-James Bond that the 21st century needs” ~Emerald Street. 

“The best thriller I’ve read in ages!” ~Stephen Leather

New York Times Top Ten Book of the Year and National Book Award finalist, Pachinko is an “extraordinary epic” of four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family as they fight to control their destiny in 20th-century Japan (San Francisco Chronicle).

Richly told and profoundly moving, Pachinko is a story of love, sacrifice, ambition, and loyalty. 

Written in a chilling torrent of prose by one of our most thrilling new writers, Paradais explores the explosive fragility of Mexican society—with its racist, classist, hyperviolent tendencies—and how the myths, desires, and hardships of teenagers can tear life apart at the seams. Her appetite for cutting descriptions of sex and actual violence make this short, subversive novel terrifying and hard to put down.